AI powered translators and autocorrect are praised as powerful tools but still fail when translating into gendered language, giving voice just to a “man”.

This is how I feel when my text is autocorrected to fit male narrative

A few days ago, I tried Microsoft Word translation feature. I had a short story written in English but I realised would be more suitable for Polish audience (looking at current political and human rights turmoil). I'm a native Polish speaker and wanted to see how this translator will perform.

Translation wasn’t bad, but while I wrote my story with a female narrator in mind, in Polish version it magically changed into a male.

Taking a…

In need of some hope when things around are falling apart? Have you heard of Schitt’s Creek?

After two weeks of renovating our new house we needed to watch something what wouldn’t require any action from our brains, something what even zombie could watch and follow. The series appearing on top of Netflix’s recommendation screen finally seemed like a great shallow thing to watch.

Schitt’s Creek- the series I’m talking about is far from things which I watch. My type of good series is drama with a strong female lead and Schitt’s Creek is anything like it. …

UX design may be a quite a stressful job, but not many people say that. Most articles are telling how great this job is (it is really!) without mentioning many challenges we face every day.

Trying to make products or services better may be quite a task, especially when the budget is tight, you have a limited array of tools and some decisions crucial for UX were made before you were invited to the table…

How an average day of the UX designer may look like? One day you may feel overexcited end energized by what you managed to discover…

If you think you always know best, you won’t be a good UX designer. This job requires a lot of empathy and humility, without these traits it’s better to pursue a different career.

When I was wondering what makes some people good at UX design job, I’ve realized there are two elements that are crucial and common among all UXers.

It’s empathy, the ability to imagine what other people may be feeling, and humility (or intellectual humility) which is possible when we have an open mind and listen to other people’s opinions especially when these are contrary to our ideas…

We say that we can read, but can we read critically? Do we know what critical reading is and how important role it plays not only in our lives but also in society?

This post was inspired by the book “Smoke and Mirrors. How hype obscures the future and how to see past it” by Gemma Milne

The analytic approach

While reading for entertainment is easy and does not require further thinking (although it’s recommended) reading to learn something new or to make an opinion, especially in the area of technology and science (and politics, but I won’t discuss this topic here), needs…

One of the best features of online forms is conditional logic, which allows presenting questions relevant to the last answer. Despite Google forms have this feature, not many people are aware of it.

Conditional logic in Google Forms isn’t the best but it exists!

The magic of conditional logic

Over the last few years, I created many online forms. Working for a local council I realized how important forms are and how improvements in online form technology can make filling in a form easier (designing and building it as well).

The good thing is, if you want to make use of an online form (for example, for research purposes), you don’t need a buy an online…

We as humans like to have a sense of closure. We like when we see the end of things especially when we are doing something that is stressful for us, like filling in a form that goes to HMRC…

I work in the public sector and I know how important it’s to show people they completed the task and they can move on. The completion may be shown as a confirmation page with more information about what to expect next (it’s a great tool to manage people’s expectations) or just a simple successful submission pop-up. …

How many times did you spot that a link on the website wasn’t working or was taking you elsewhere than you expected? How many times did you let someone know about it?

Things aren’t always what they seem

The online world is a constant work in progress. Web designers can design, editors can publish and there’s always a chance that something will go wrong.

Disappearing buttons, empty promises

Most of these issues should be spotted before reaching the public’s eyes, but there are some common issues that slip through the review process…

Online can be busy,

online can be messy,

online can disappear,

online can be unreliable.

Things that are…

Some people seem to think that things they post online are not part of who they are and don’t affect how others think about them. They are also surprised when someone calls them out for a sexist, racist or hateful in my way meme they posted.

Business photo created by

You are the curator of your feed

Recently on the Facebook wall of the person, I know I saw a meme that was racist. It surprised me as I thought he is more open-minded and won’t let himself post so stupid things.

When I wrote him a private message telling that this post is racist and I’m surprised seeing something like…

Recently I took part in online training and learned a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve learned not exactly what they intended me to but what can go wrong during such sessions…

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

There are really simple things that you can do to improve the online training experience and not derail it. I direct this guidance to people who are planning to run an online training which aim is to show how to use an application and will:

  • share their screen and slides
  • show step by step how to complete certain tasks
  • share documents and a step-by-step guide for exercises which participants can do…

Monika Mani Swiatek

Trying to decide if I should be a warning or an example to others today... Feminist, sceptic, alleged stoic. Passionately curious UXer.

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